What is – “A Team Hope Company”?

We kid around the office that it’s the “Mother Ship.” All kidding aside though it’s really a simple concept that allows us to provide multiple services and be the very best at that particular service. That has always been our ultimate goal, to be the best at what we do. When companies diversify and begin doing different things it can be a disaster. I think that’s where the old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” comes from.

Needless to say the span of 40 years, since 1972, it would take a lot more time than we have in these few paragraphs to tell the whole story.

Team Hope originated out of a recognition program for our employee’s within Hope Air. With 37 employees’, we were blessed with many highly qualified individuals. Most were considered the best in their field. We always wanted to recognize those that went the extra mile. It’s what makes our company, our people. Everyone always tried a little harder to be a major player, plus there were some really nice gifts presented at Team Hope Company meetings. We were very serious about letting our people know how much we appreciated their hard work and dedication. Over time we’ve evolved into a company that offers our customers several types of services and products. Always trying to improve and being the best at what we do. We are like family and know the importance of team work.

Over the years God has given new visions, dreams that have presented new and fresh ideas. If we stick with it, He will always bring the right people at the right time. It is so awesome to see how He provides.

Our companies with-in Team Hope are set up to be self driven, another words, they have there own identity. The whole idea is for that company to be self supporting, have its own best people in that particular field ect. Its affiliation with and support from A Team Hope Company-makes it now a company that is proud to say it’s “A Team Hope Company.” So there you go. That’s the short, sweet and condensed version, but I hope you got the vision!

Thanks to all of you that believe in what we do. That’s one of things that keeps us all motivated to keep doing what we do. A Team Hope Company feels our logo statement “Helping Each Other to Achieve Our Best” is very powerful, not only in our businesses, but life in general. We hope you’ll help someone be there best today!

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