It’s short and sweet


    We Must Provide It. Each service we provide must deserve our signature; be proud enough to sign it.


    Everyone Deserves It. In time it’s proven that we will always treat our customer like family.


    We Must Earn It. It’s not a given, it only comes over time when we have walked the walk not just talked the talk.


    It Only Comes When we have tried our best in everything we do, to do the right thing, every time!

Allow me to share a short story with you about my dad, he’s been with the Lord now for 37 years, that I carry with me to this very day.

My dad was excellent at many things, electrician by trade, but one of those people that was a real craftsman. He was painting a sign for a friend. He had just finished and was signing his masterpiece. He said, “Son no matter what you do in life, always be proud enough of your work to sign your name to it!” Hey that sums it all up, doesn’t it?

So it’s my dad’s fault…that I’m a perfectionist. The funny thing is the guys in the field kid around about one thing you “NEVER” say around Dan, “Oh, that’s good enough”, he may just loose his good nature and Christian attitude and go ballistic.