…An open letter from Dan.

2012 is a marker for us, it marks 40 years in the HVAC industry.  In many ways this doesn’t seem possible.  As I look back and recount through the years I’ve seen and experienced a lot.  So many blessings I can not begin to count them all.  Challenges, oh my…we’ve certainly had our share.  However, we’ve always come out on the other side stronger and better.  We have been so blessed with a facility to operate out of that has in our times of plenty, had 19 trucks and 37 employees, in lean years as few as 5 of us.  For this I am so thankful because it enables us to grow when we need to grow and get lean when we need to be humble and reorganize when the times get thin and sometimes even scary.  I pray for strength and wisdom to do the right thing at the right time and that is why at times it does get scary.  Timing can be everything.

I mention all of this for a very important reason… EXPERIENCE is so important because we gain knowledge, hopefully and prayerfully we learn life’s hard lessons and how to survive when life throws those curve balls.  You know its easy when everything is going great and our economy is flourishing, but when the times gets tough how do we handle this?  That’s our CHARACTER…our experiences build our character.  Tough times, how do we handle those, do we quit or do we use our past experiences to buckle down and face them head on.  This is where our FAITH plays a most important part in our continued survival in today’s business world.  Trusting the Lord and knowing that our business belongs to Him, always has and always will, is the reason any of this is possible.  Knowing how He has seen us through in the past and believing as long as we give Him the praise and glory He will continue. Team Hope Companies have always tried to do business with this #1.

Now, this means nothing until you’ve lived it…proved it.  You know the old saying “Don’t tell me…show me!”  That’s why time, experience, our character and our faith is so important.  It’s who we are!  Not what we say we are but what we’ve proved we are over time.

Team Hope Companies feel very strongly about our mission statement QUALITY—HONESTY—TRUST and INTEGRITY because we believe it with all our hearts and do our best to provide it in every division of our companies that carry the A Team Hope Company Corporation logo badge.  It’s like “The Good Housekeeping” seal of our company.  That’s why in our customer testimonials its obvious our customers feel like family, because we consider each one family.  Does this mean we’re perfect and haven’t had dissatisfied customers?  Of course not, but I know even those few would tell you we always tried within reason to go above and beyond to resolve any and all issues.  That’s why A Team Hope Company carries an A+ rating with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.  Now that’s our INTEGRITY.

    Team Hopes EXPERIENCE, our CHARACTER, our QUALITY and HONESTY with our customers, is TRUST.  Our customers trust us to always go above and beyond, to always do the right thing and always treat them like family.  That’s why Team Hope Air says in its logo statement “GROWN BY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS”.  Our customers feel comfortable in referring us to their family and friends.  In today’s world that’s something to be really proud of and we certainly are!  That’s why you can feel comfortable to make A Team Hope Company Corporation’s 5-company divisions your service providers.

Be sure to check out all 5 divisional companies under “What is A Team Hope Company?”  We are looking forward to our future together in business and as friends and family.  The Team Hope Family.

Thanks and God Bless,
and all of us at THC

“Hope is alive and well and hope is always a good thing.”


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