Do you ever just get tired of all the bull?

Do you notice all the A/C companies advertising the cheap prices, equipment by the truck loads and saying business is slow to where they just want to cover overhead? They’ll sell cheaper than all the competitors. Free this, free that. We’ll beat anybody’s deal. Do you ever just get tired of all the bull?

We at TEAM HOPE know how some of you feel. Today’s consumer is smarter, more informed than ever before. In my 40 years in the HVAC business I’ve never heard as much back stabbing, taking jobs for nothing, bull in my life!

If you are one of these consumers that knows what’s going on and are looking for a well established, honest company, that still believes in quality and integrity, A Team Hope is your company. We’ll be there when you need your new system installed and we’ll still be in business when all the dust settles and the mud slinging is over.

We’ve seen a bunch come and go and will continue to be here as others come and go. A TEAM HOPE is Proud of every job we complete. I personally guarantee TEAM HOPE will always go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. We’ve never claimed to be the least expensive and certainly will not the be most expensive but TEAM HOPE is one of the Best! It is very important at TEAM HOPE our employees are paid by the hour and NOT commission. That means we are not selling parts or equipment our customers may not need. There are not many companies around today like ours that still believe in Quality, Honesty, Integrity and works as hard to gain and keep our customers trust.

Unfortunately, today most companies are hiring sub-contractors or reducing hourly wages with commission compensation. It doesn’t take long to add that up… that means parts and equipment you don’t need. We’ve heard from some of our new customers over the past years about some real horror stories of this exact thing.

A TEAM HOPE COMPANY and all our family of companies will always follow our Christian values because we truly are a different kind of company with a different kind of service experience…We Truly Do Care!

That’s TEAM HOPE’S PROMISE. Call us today and see why our customers have only one company they’ll call for A/C needs and be so satisfied that they will refer family and friends. Looking forward to hearing from you today.

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