The effects that heat and dry air have on your home are the very same effects that they have on you. When air is heated its relative humidity plummets, causing that chilly, itchy feeling you get each winter. This non-humidified, heated air dries your skin and can cause extreme discomfort in your nose and throat. It can even cause walls to crack and furniture to age prematurely.

Fortunately there is a cure. The Aprilaire Model 760 Whole House Humidifier. For nearly 40 years, Aprilaire has been the leading name in humidification. Millions of homeowners have discovered that Aprilaire’s flow-through, evaporative design is a natural process that automatically adds humidity to heated air and circulates it to every room in your home.

To help avoid the cracks that dry air can cause in your home, contact Team Hope today to install an Aprilaire Humidifier.