Catering to our customer is why we bring you Service Sense.

We bring to you important tips that could mean lots of cents to you as a homeowner, in utility savings and very uncomfortable down-times of your heating and cooling system. We will take the time to discuss with you the big problem of dirty indoor evaporator coils— the reason for it and problems it causes.

Reason For Common Problems—very simply FILTERS.

Not only is it important that filters are kept clean but here are some other helpful hints.

  • Does the filter fit properly? From front to back, side to side. There should be no open spaces. Most of the dirt and dust will go around the filter.
  • Does the filter remain in place? If not installed properly, filters can raise up out of place or collapse when the indoor blower is in operation.
  • Does any filter work? Not necessarily. There are different filters for different needs.

Other Common Problems—indoor EVAPORATOR COILS

There can be several potential problems but here are 3 major problems caused due to dirty indoor evaporator coils.

  • No Cooling…may completely block indoor air flow or cause very poor air flow.
  • Excessive Electric Bill…unit may never shut off in very hot weather. Ultimately causing compressor failure.
  • Indoor Air Quality…may cause allergy and hay fever like symptoms.

Dear Customer,

We know in this day and age how important it is to stretch your dollar as far as it can go. Every penny counts and few can afford unexpected heating and air conditioning problems. Preventative maintenance can often help eliminate costly repairs. Did you know a clean and properly maintained system can save 8% to 12% on the average utility bill? Our well trained service technicians are able to service all major types of heating and air conditioning equipment such as Trane, Frigidaire, Rheem, Ruud, Janitrol and many more. We would like to offer you our (PPMS) Peak Performance Maintenance Service special for only $79.95 for the first system and only $59.95 for each additional system. Keep in mind, all machines need regular maintenance regardless of who’s name is on it and it is never convenient for your heating and cooling to go out! Wouldn’t a little peace of mind be nice?