The touchscreen thermostats with a very bright future.

Discover the new color of innovation from White-Rodgers

Research shows consumers overwhelmingly prefer the color blue. Blue makes us feel calmer, more productive, and our brains even remember information better when written in blue. That’s why our new touchscreen and digital thermostats feature a blue display. We had more bright ideas too (of course, confirmed by research with thousands of homeowners). Our new blue displays are larger and lighted with bigger, easy-to-see characters allowing for easier navigation. We enhance the user experience with the intuitive, color-coded up/down temperature keys, extra-large touch keys and soft-touch keypads. These ideas are simple — but important to your customers. Both 90 Series Blue touchscreen thermostats and 80 Series Blue digital thermostats offer installer-selectable dedicated programmable or non-programmable mode, and dual power source (hardwired or battery). The new Blue thermostats feature exclusive patented Cool Saving™, which saves energy during peak A/C demand periods. Install our Blue thermostats with confidence because they offer the quality and dependability you’ve come to expect from White-Rodgers. Your customers aren’t the only ones who’ll benefit from our bright thinking!

There’s a lot more to Blue than blue

The most advanced touchscreen thermostat comes with a name that means a lot more than you might think.


Blue is Big. The 12-square-inch display is the biggest in the industry. Its room temperature readout is nearly twice as large as the competition. Bigger characters and extra-large touch keys are perfect for fingers of all sizes. All this in an enclosure that is smaller and thinner than the competition.


Blue is Loyal. The 90 Series Blue is exclusively for trade professionals and will not be sold to big-box retailers.
The last thing you need is an unhappy homeowner shoving a retail ad in your face. Our loyalty is to the professional trade and we’re dedicated to protecting your reputation.


Blue is Universal. With installer-selectable options like dedicated programmable or nonprogrammable mode, dual power (hardwired or battery) and a universal staging model, you don’t miss an application or sales opportunity. All this, and a universal consumer aesthetic appeal, with research* showing a 4:1 preference over competing models.


Blue is Easy. Thoughtful display design guides you easily through set-up, programming and operation with only the touch keys you need to see. Audio confirmation lets you know “for sure” when you’ve made a touchscreen entry. Plus,  intuitive red/blue temperature touch keys further exemplify the simplicity of the experience.

And Speaking of Easy…

For those that wish to keep things simple, BLUE also has a Easy Set of thermostats. With only 3-simple presets, your favorite temperatures are now at your fingertips. No need for programming or fancy upgrades, just keep it simple. Let us know if you’re in the market for something along these lines!

Expect to see a lot more Blue in your future