Bring the healthful power of sunlight inside for allergy relief, fewer colds, and to add freshness to the air!

Ultraviolet light is natures way of controlling airborne microorganisms

The Earth’s ozone layer allows just enough UV light from the sun through the atmosphere to keep the air from being overly contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Since realizing this, people have harnessed the power of UV light to control biogrowth anywhere it is harmful. UV is used widely in the medical, pharmaceutical as well as the food and beverage industries to sterilize instruments, equipment, and especially water. Bring sunlight home with UltraMAX. Installed in your HVAC system, it will silently work 24-7 to destroy airborne microorganisms circulating through the HVAC system. AND, UltraMAX’s powerful UV kills mold and other bio-growth on interior HVAC surfaces, reducing mold spores — one of the top ten allergens, by the millions!

What is UV?

Ultraviolet (UV) light occurs just below visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum, is a component of sunlight, and is categorized into three sections, A, B and C. The “C” band of ultraviolet light (UV-C) is a natural disinfectant. Its use for sterilization is a proven technology, and has been used to control microorganisms since the 1930’s in medical and pharmaceutical applications, in the food and beverage industries, and in water treatment in homes, businesses and industry. Its use for air treatment is more recent but it is now commonly found in many hospitals, pet centers, even office buildings.

How UV disinfects…

UV-C has the ability to penetrate and break-up up the DNA of microorganisms, which renders them completely harmless. It is the same process that occurs outdoors with sunlight — as nature’s way of controlling airborne bacteria and viruses. However, UltraMAX™ generates and focuses UV light with much more intensity than occurs outside, and aggressively destroys airborne microorganisms and bio-growth, particularly mold that grows on the interior surfaces of HVAC equipment.


Why is UltraMAX ™ better?

  • 50% more germ killing UV power is just the beginning!
  • Ultravation® T3™ patented**
  • UV lamp system maximizes UV intensity of low power lamps through thermal optimization
  • No other UV system can offer more disinfection power or longer lamp life.
  • UltraMAX UV lamps generate no ozone

Digital electronics track lamp conditions to optimize lamp output power on all models. But the Gold Series on-board microprocessor does a lot more: It monitors lamp status at all times and sounds an alarm to tell you when to change lamps for optimized airstream disinfection (with a 30 day convenience reminder).

The Ultravation®

10 year UV system warranty is unmatched. And you’ll save money and the environment when you use your lamps for their 2 year maximum life span (Please note: for people with severe respiratory conditions or other acute sensitivities we still recommend annual lamp changes).

There’s an UltraMAX™ to fit any HVAC system, but there are many systems and configurations across the country. Your HVAC professional Team Hope Air will know which system is best and exactly where to place the UV lamps for best results.