WARNING Against Using Freon Replacement “Drop-Ins”

Many changes have been made to freon recently and new government regulations have spurred refrigerant manufacturers to come up with “alternative” refrigerants that are claimed to be more cost effective. These are called “drop-ins” and are considered replacements for R22 freon. DO NOT USE THESE DROP-INS or allow your A/C company to use them. Many A/C manufacturers including Lennox have placed restrictions on their use and the results are voided warranties on your compressor. We encourage you to research on your own the pros and cons of using these refrigerants and as always, contact us with any questions.

As a note, A Team Hope Company and it’s subsidiaries NEVER uses replacement “drop-ins” nor do we advocate the use of them. Please make an informed decision before using these in your system.

Why does my A/C drain line overflow?

The drain line or drain pan gets clogged up. This is caused by dirt that has accumulated on the evaporator coil and has washed down into the drain pan and drain line. Also if water is sitting in the pan or drain line and does not drain out completely it can cause algae to grow causing the system to overflow. If the system pulls air through the evaporator coil the drain line must have a P-Trap installed in it, this prevents the blower from pulling air up through the drain line causing a negative pressure on the line which will allow the condensation to drain.

Why does my A/C unit ice over?

There are three reasons why the A/C unit will ice over. There is a restriction in the refrigerant line, the system is low on refrigerant and/or lack of air across the evaporator coil. The lack of air across the evaporator coil is caused by a dirty filter, a filter that is too restrictive, a dirty coil, a dirty blower wheel, incorrect blower motor and/or wheel, the inside unit is not matched properly to the outside unit, ductwork is not sized properly, too many supply registers are closed, the return are inlet is too small or restricted or the ductwork is restricted inside by a damper or ducting material that has come apart.

How can I reduce my electric bill with out changing out my A/C system?

A few ways to reduce your electric bill includes adding insulation in the attic or walls, insulating the water heater, caulking around the doors or windows and using more efficient lighting. However your A/C system has the highest power usage of all appliances in your home so keeping the system serviced and clean will save the most on your electric bill.

Why is my house so dusty?

Your A/C system has a lot to do with this because it is constantly circulating air through the house. If the filter for your A/C system is not properly installed dirt and dust can be bypassing the filter. Also a very low efficiency filter will cause the dirt and dust to go right through the filter.

Why does my A/C smell the first day I turn it on in the spring?

During the winter the evaporator coil is inactive so some dirt accumulates on it. When the cooling is turned on for the first time and condensation starts to run down the coil a musty smell will occur until the dust and dirt has been rinsed off through normal operation. To prevent this the system probably needs a better filtering system.