WARNING Against Using Freon Replacement “Drop-Ins”

Many changes have been made to freon recently and new government regulations have spurred refrigerant manufacturers to come up with “alternative” refrigerants that are claimed to be more cost effective. These are called “drop-ins” and are considered replacements for R22 freon. DO NOT USE THESE DROP-INS or allow your A/C company to use them. Many A/C manufacturers including Lennox have placed restrictions on their use and the results are voided warranties on your compressor. We encourage you to research on your own the pros and cons of using these refrigerants and as always, contact us with any questions.

As a note, A Team Hope Company and it’s subsidiaries NEVER uses replacement “drop-ins” nor do we advocate the use of them. Please make an informed decision before using these in your system.

What is a UV light? Do they work?

UV lights work to purify the air in the home and help fight mold growth. When placed right before the evaporator coil it will change the molecular structure of the dirt and dust causing the coil to stay clean. A UV light is an air purifying system that greatly improves indoor air quality.

More information on UV Lights can be found here

What is an electrostatic filter?

As air passes through the filter it causes an electrostatic charge causing dirt and dust to cling to it. Some manufactures do not recommend these to be installed in their A/C units because air restriction is to high.

What can cause tapping on my outside unit?

Something has fallen into the fan blade, the fan motor bearings are so loose causing the fan blade to come in contact with the fan shroud or the contactor is chattering which is a sign of a control voltage problem.

Why does it seem like the temp on my thermostat isn’t consistent?

Some thermostats can loose their calibration which can cause a big swing in the temperature reading. The thermostat is improperly located in the house. If air from a supply outlet is blowing on the thermostat this will cause the temperature on the thermostat to drop quickly giving a false reading of the actual room temperature.

Why does my A/C unit ice over?

There are three reasons why the A/C unit will ice over. There is a restriction in the refrigerant line, the system is low on refrigerant and/or lack of air across the evaporator coil. The lack of air across the evaporator coil is caused by a dirty filter, a filter that is too restrictive, a dirty coil, a dirty blower wheel, incorrect blower motor and/or wheel, the inside unit is not matched properly to the outside unit, ductwork is not sized properly, too many supply registers are closed, the return are inlet is too small or restricted or the ductwork is restricted inside by a damper or ducting material that has come apart.

The air in my house is humid-why?

The A/C system controls the humidity in the house. If the A/C system has not been properly maintained or is in need of repair the humidity in the home can be at an uncomfortable level. Also if the system is too big it will cool the home down too quickly and turn off not allowing the unit to run long enough to remove the humidity.

Why do my lights flicker when my system comes on?

The A/C unit pulls the most power during start up and this can cause the lights to flicker. It should only be for a split second, if the lights are dimming or you notice the condition is getting worse there may be an electrical problem with the unit.

Why are different rooms warmer/cooler in my house?

This condition is usually caused by a poor ductwork design, ductwork that is in poor condition, or someone has added excessive heat producing appliances to a room. Also the A/C system could be in need of a tune up by a professional service technician.