IMPORTANT NOTICE: Price Increase on Metals

Don’t get caught again…waiting that is.

All major indicators are showing major price increases on metals (sheet metal, copper aluminum, gold ect) That’s right, an HVAC system is sheet metal, copper and aluminum. We are hearing 8% to 22%. I know several of you got caught in our 2009-2010 increase. They are saying with raw material and add petroleum price increases, which now cover our plastic, to the mix, the increases are not going to be pretty.

Sorry! But you need to know and that’s what A Team Hope Companies promised we would do; keep you informed! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!


Several customers have asked the question. They are trying too hold them until after election (imagine that!). But they could come anytime.

But here’s the good news.

Let’s get in our bid and most of the manufactures will let us lock-in our current prices for a certain length of time. So don’t wait! Let’s get in our bids.

Call us, ask for Dan 817-426-4673. (HOPE)


God Bless


WARNING Against Using Freon Replacement “Drop-Ins”

Many changes have been made to freon recently and new government regulations have spurred refrigerant manufacturers to come up with “alternative” refrigerants that are claimed to be more cost effective. These are called “drop-ins” and are considered replacements for R22 freon. DO NOT USE THESE DROP-INS or allow your A/C company to use them. Many A/C manufacturers including Lennox have placed restrictions on their use and the results are voided warranties on your compressor. We encourage you to research on your own the pros and cons of using these refrigerants and as always, contact us with any questions.

As a note, A Team Hope Company and it’s subsidiaries NEVER uses replacement “drop-ins” nor do we advocate the use of them. Please make an informed decision before using these in your system.