1. Pure Aire Absorption

    Units Used indoors in air-conditioning systems to remove odors, biological pollutants and reducing dust up to 70%. Perfect for improving air quality in enclosed environments.

  2. Pure Aire Spray / Fogger

    The spray removes and inhibits the growth of visible mold and mildew from a wide range of affected surfaces such as concrete, stone, stucco, wood, tile and metal. The fogging treatment is circulated through air-conditioning equipment and duct system to alleviate the effects of allergies due to mold, dust mites and other biological pollutants.

  3. Pure Aire Pan Pads

    The final step in this IAQ Program. Pan Pads are designed to keep contaminates under control by disinfecting the stagnant water buildup that gives off biological contaminants into the air flow system. A condensate pan treatment that is effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria, also including Legionella.

Dear Customer,

There is a better way to greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home or office other than the traditional filter methods. Filter type machines require frequent filter replacement or cleaning; often the filter costs more than the machine. They do little to improve the continuous air quality through circulating contaminated air while merely removing larger dust particles. Pure Air Solutions uses a proven scientific method based on a basic principle of physics.

The Pure Aire Solutions’ method works on two fronts. One procedure goes after contaminated particles in the air and on surfaces throughout the home or office. In conjunction with this “floating particle attack”, a strategic placement or absorption  pouches is used that actually absorbs contaminated particles reducing dust up to 70%. Homes treated with the Pure Air Solutions’ method show a dramatic decrease in harmful air-born spores, particularly those of most concern  – Aspergillus and Stachybotrys (black mold).