Space-Gard Air Cleaner: The Perfect Solution

Installed in your heating/cooling duct system, central air cleaners with sophisticated filtering capabilities have become the accepted way to improve indoor air quality. And the Space-Gard high efficiency air cleaner has proven to be the perfect, practical solution for whole house use. Absolutely silent operation, minimal maintenance and 99% efficiency on pollen and spores, has made Space-Gard the clean air choice throughout North America.

In addition to providing protection for your heating and cooling equipment, Space-Gard provides your family with clean air throughout your home. A pollutant-trapping, equipment-protecting Space-Gard central air cleaner will turn your furnace and air conditioner into a clean air system.

In fact, your home’s furnishings will last longer. Carpeting and upholstered furniture will stay cleaner and last longer; draperies will need cleaning less often and last longer; walls will stay cleaner, too, and require less frequent painting, cleaning and papering. And all this means less work for you. Space-Gard is an essential part of a total indoor air comfort system.

Space-Gard Benefits

  • Reaches 99% efficiency on particles 5 microns or larger
  • Provides allergy relief, ask your doctor
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Filtering media lasts one to two years
  • Protects heating and cooling equipment
  • Absolutely silent operation
  • Requires no service calls
  • Uses no electricity
  • Produces no ozone