Are you interested in improving your indoor air quality?

If so, then Rotobrush may be the way for you to go. It can help clean everything from dust mites to dirt that could be in your ducts causing strange smells or health problems. Below is a little in depth diagram of how it works.

Roto-Vision Video Inspection System

The all-seeing Roto-Vision shows you where the trouble spots are, and verifies the job was done right!

HVAC System

An example HVAC system is shown to the right. When cleaning this system, you would sequentially clean starting from the air duct farthest from the air handler, and work back toward the air handler. The numbers represent the recommended order of cleaning the runs. The reversible brush rotation allows the technician to “steer” the brush around corners and direct the brush up or down the duct. With experience, the operator can “feel” the turns as the brush make them. The same directional controls allow the operator to clean all inner walls of a wide rectangular duct.

So if indoor air quality is a priority to you, give us a call at 817.426.4673 or schedule an appointment. We’d love to walk you through your options for helping improve the quality of your air.