Proverbs: Beyond Worry

He who heeds the word wisely will find good, and whoever trust in the Lord, happy is he.

– Proverbs 16:20   NKJV

Because we are imperfect human beings, we worry.  Even though we are Christians who have been given the assurance of salvation—-even though we are Christians who have received the promise of God’s love and protection—-we find ourselves fretting over the countless details of everyday life.  Jesus understood our concerns when He spoke the reassuring words found in Matthew 6: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life….”

As we consider the promises of Jesus, remember that God still sits in His heaven and you are His beloved child.  Then, perhaps, we all will worry a little less and trust God a little more, just as it should be because God is trustworthy—-and we are protected.

When times are tough, my Lord is my only security.


Forgive us Lord when we worry.  Worry reflects a lack of trust in You.  Help me to work, Lord, and not worry.  To keep me mindful, Father, that nothing, absolutely nothing, will happen this day or the next, or the next that You and I cannot handle together.  Thank-You Jesus, it’s Your name, the name of Jesus we pray.  AMEN

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