The Ultimate in Comfort

Radiant floor heating is increasing in popularity because of it’s superior comfort and elimination of nuisance issues associated with many heating and cooling systems. Radiant systems are truly imperceptible systems. There is not noise from clanking radiator or blowing air. There is no ductwork or registers to detract from your home’s aesthetic. In essence, radiant floor heating eliminates the noise, dust and draft issues associated with conventional forced air. What’s more, radiant heating is a highly efficient way to heat your home, increasing your comfort while reducing energy costs.

With a radiant system, warm water is circulated through tubes installed under the floor. As the water circulates, the heat radiates, warming the floor from below. In a conventional forced air system, hot air blows from the registers, rises to the top of the room and drops down as it cools. The temperature difference between the ceiling and where you are sitting can vary greatly, often resulting in cold feet. Cycling of forced air systems can create other problems. Quickly heating a room and shutting off can create the phenomenon of being cold when the blower shuts off, even if the thermostat is reading 70 degrees. These uncomfortable up and down temperature swings are not present with radiant floor heating.

There is no comparison when it comes to comfort. Radiant floor heating eliminates the discomfort of cold floors and reduces energy bills.

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