Ephesians 4:32 – Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

In 1992 my wife and I lost our 19 year old son, our daughters their only, big brother.  In ways it seems like a very long time ago and in other ways it seems like yesterday.

April 1st at 4am a knock at the door and two men in police uniforms, you know it’s not good.  To this very day the cry of my precious little wife haunts me.  It was the dreaded news that our son had been shot and he did not survive.  At the time they had no real information of what had happened!  I immediately went into detective mode and later that day we found out it was a murder.  All of the details began to unfold and it was over a girlfriend with drugs and alcohol involved, all was so senseless.  A day that so many lives would be changed forever.

Prior to this tragedy, the church we attended in Arlington, Tx, our pastor would send kids that he knew were struggling with drugs and alcohol, for me to minister too.  For you see in my past as a musician I had been involved with the same kind of past.  Healed of my own personal problems of being an addict in my teen years there were those my pastor could not really relate to and felt I was the one that maybe could.  That’s when Tender Heart Ministries (THM) lead by the Lord, was born.

As I look back, God used THM to minister to many individuals and their family members.  I still hear from some of the kids, which now are young adults with families of their own, and most importantly living for the Lord.

With me being in the HVAC business we also helped people in need that had no heat or A/C and no way to pay someone to repair it.  Our church would help pay for parts and I would furnish labor.  In 1989 when we moved from Arlington to Burleson, our new church home picked right up and that relationship between Hope Air and THM still lives today through Team Hopes family of companies.  God is so good and the blessings continue to this very day.  Thank you Jesus!

– Dan